What is better than coming home after a long day, plopping down on the couch and catching up on your weekly TV favourites? Doing it and not draining your bank account in the process! We all know how high the cost of cable TV is in this country and until recently there wasn’t really a way around it. Yes, there are services like Netflix and CraveTV but frankly, watching sports and the news on Netflix is a little challenging!

But there is now hope! Recently the CRTC came down with new guidelines that have made cable a little bit more affordable. With basic packages starting at $25.00, you can easily watch the news and local programming without fully breaking the bank. That being said, the cable companies still need to make money so guess where they hit you? The cost of the cable box. We looked at the two major players in the Canadian TV market, Rogers and Bell. Here’s what we saw:

Bell: 27 basic channels, $24.95/m for the channels, $49.95 one time installation fee on two year contract and includes up to 3 receivers. Then another $15.00/m rental fee for the receiver.

Rogers: 35 basic channels, $24.99/m, $49.99 one time installation fee and another $12.00/m rental fee for the receiver.

However, these packages are only available in a few provinces.

There is still hope if you are willing to put in a little more work! In my household we don’t have cable. When we bought a TV, we made sure it was a Smart TV, this means we have the ability to download apps to our TV. This has helped a ton! So here is how we do TV.

News: CBC has a TV app that live streams The National. You can also watch this on Facebook.

Sports: This is a little tricky as there aren’t a ton of streaming services that allow access without a cable subscription. So we pick one game a week and either go to a bar or hangout with our friends who do have cable and bring beer.

TV: Here we have a few tricks, we have Netflix for watching TV shows we are okay with waiting for. But we all have shows that don’t end up on Netflix *cough* Game of Thrones *cough*. For that, we go onto Google Movies and TV and pay the $35.00 for the season subscription.

So to add it all up our monthly total for TV services is: $10.99. With beer it might be a whole $30.00.

Do we have everything all the time? No, but frankly this has forced us to get outside and read books. My advice, take a hard look at what you really need from your TV and cut back. We have a solid $15.00/m in savings and use that money towards experiences.

Would love to hear how you save on your cable costs. Tell us below.

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