Summer has arrived, the kids are done school and life is slowing down. We hope anyway! Many of you will soon be taking vacations, traveling for wedding, heading out on weekend road trips to cottages and playing weekend tourist. This is wonderful, exciting and refreshing for us all. But it can also be, well – expensive. As someone who is currently living in Victoria, the budgets are already on the tight side and well we still want to be able to enjoy some summer fun.

My partner and I are attending a friends wedding in the interior part of BC in mid-August. He is in the wedding party and I am just attending as a guest. Now, the couple has friends and family making their way to the wedding from all over the country. As my partner is in the wedding party, he has more obligations than I do (bachelor party, rehearsal dinner and the full day of the wedding.). But this means that instead of really 2 nights for the wedding we are now looking at 4. So double the room and food costs. I’ll show you how we saved below.

We also have to get there and we live on an island so we have 2 options: fly or drive over using the ferry. Both of which are expensive and because the wedding venue is not in a city we would also need to rent a car. So we decided to drive. There really isn’t too many ways to save here unfortunately. Ferry tickets never go on sale and neither does gas!

So how did we save you ask? Well I’ll show you! The wedding is in Kelowna, which is not a cheap part of the country. A hotel room for that weekend that is decent and closer to the venue would be $175-$250/night now multiple that by 4 and add the taxes and you are over $1000 and you aren’t even at the hotel yet. Then factor in that you will be eating out for all of your meals because there is no where to cook and you are climbing close to $2000 very quickly. So I was able to find a room for us on Airbnb. This room was $80 a night and came with full access to the kitchen. So yes we will have food costs but no more than our normal grocery bill.


Here is a breakdown on our costs:

Accommodations: $400

Food: $150

Gas: $200

Ferry tickets: $200

Wedding gift: $100

Wedding attire: $500 (This is high as my partner had to buy a lot of the pieces he needed. The style and colour he needed weren’t available to rent)

Total for the 4 days: $1,550

So it may not be a huge savings but it is something! Another great way to save while you are away is to use Airbnb to rent out your place if you are comfortable with doing that. Many one bedroom apartments rent for $120 a night with use of a kitchen.

How do you save on your trips?


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