Flipp is a free app that can save the average shopper between $20-$50 per week!   They offer digital flyers and coupons for over 800 retailers across North American. You’ll be flipping over this app if you want to save money on groceries!

Flipp was founded in 2007 by a bunch of smart, young Microsoft engineers in Toronto, Canada.  They saw an opportunity to reinvent the world of retail flyers in a way that would appeal to a younger, more tech savvy generation.   Thus, an interactive digital flyer app was born which has seen interest and usage skyrocket since that time.

I have used other shopping apps in the past, but after I downloaded Flipp, I completely converted over.  Here’s why.

It’s Easy

And it’s intuitive.  I figured out how to use many of the great features quickly without using external resources.

The Flipp app is on my Iphone and my Ipad.  But since my middle-aged eyes are not what they were, I can also access Flipp via my browser on my notebook.

The only piece of info that is actually necessary is your postal/zip code. You do NOT need to create an account to use the site.  However, if you want your devices to sync, you must login using either your Google or Facebook IDs.  This way, any changes you make on one device will be reflected on the others.

How Do I Use It?

When you provide your postal/zip code, all flyers that are valid in your location will appear.  In my area, Flipp accesses over 100 different flyers! Some, I’ve never heard of, so an introduction to new stores in the neighbourhood is actually welcome.


Flipp Grocery Flyers

There are various ways of sorting the flyers but the best way is to select the category of your choice; for example, GROCERIES.  Another good way is to “♥” your preferred stores so that they come up automatically when you click on the “♥” icon at the top of the page.

But you can also look up a specific store by typing its name in the Search field.


I normally search by Product. Because I will only got to 2 stores max, my decision is based on sale price points on the basket of items I plan to buy.

Today, I am looking for Eggplant. A search shows me that FreshCo has them for a great price. So I click on the image and it takes me directly to that week’s flyer.

Eggplant Search


Looking at Flyers

The digital flyers are exactly the same as the paper ones.  Navigating them is very intuitive; I swipe left and right to view different pages.  I zoom in and out by pinching my fingers across the screen.  On a computer, I use the mouse.

I choose a few things over and above the eggplant: sausages, bread, and tomatoes.  Each item I tap is circled in yellow.  If I made a mistake, I just tap it again to remove the circle.

Any item I circle is added to my Shopping List so there is no need to write anything down.

FreschCo Flyer

Creating a Shopping List

The Flipp Shopping List is so convenient and easy to create.  There are different ways to use this feature but this is what I do.

Earlier, I selected eggplant, sausages, bread and tomatoes at FreshCo.  But I also need coffee, bananas, milk and chicken which I add to my Shopping List.

I click on the first one, coffee

The app shows me all listings for coffee across all flyers in my area.  I can see that Folgers is on sale at Real Canadian Superstore.  When I tap on the image, it takes me to that flyer where I can circle it to add it to my shopping list.   After I have added the item, the items indicates that I have selected something with a yellow circle.  It also shows me what product I selected and where I will buy it.

Flipp Shopping List

Clipping Coupons

The digital coupons are very cool!

What stands out to me are the double-dipping opportunities.  By this I mean, products that are both on sale AND have a coupon offer.  For example, Arm & Hammer toothpaste has a $1.51 discounted price at Real Canadian Superstore plus there is a $.75 coupon.  When combined, the final price point is $1.23 which works out to be a staggering 65% savings!

While I’ve not tried this myself, other Flipp users have just shown the digital coupons to PRICE MATCH when out shopping.   I am not sure if all stores will allow price matching from a phone app.  If not and you know this in advance, Flipp allows you to print the coupons.

Coupon Selection


I’ve Got My Final ListFinal Shopping List

After I’ve finished browsing flyers and coupons, Flipp’s Shopping List shows me exactly what items I will buy at each of the 2 stores I plan to visit.   I even have the actual clip-out of the coupon (at the bottom) for the Arm & Hammer toothpaste should I want to print it out on paper.


While Out Shopping

I start my trip by going to FreshCo first. While I’m shopping, I see that Top Sirloin roasts are on sale for $5.99/lb.  Even though there is a $1/lb off discount, I’m not sure if that’s a good price so I launch Flipp and search for “SIRLOIN”.   I see that it is $4.99/lb at Real Canadian Superstore AND the beef is not only graded Triple AAA, it’s locally sourced!   Bonus! I simply ADD it to my Flipp Shopping List as another item to buy when I go to Real Canadian Superstore.

Out Shopping

Final Thoughts

This is an amazing tool for anyone who wants to save time and money.   Regardless of how much you spend on groceries, you can use it to plan how and where you will shop based on the best deals for the groceries you need.   Creating a digital Shopping List in advance helps to prevent buying unnecessary or duplicate items.  But if you are already out and see something you’ve forgotten, you can look up competitive prices on the fly.   And don’t forget about coupons since many stores will offer price-matching.

It’s easy and intuitive to use, even for someone who is a technological newbie.

I highly recommend it. Share your thoughts on the app below after you’ve tried it.


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