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Would You Like To Be A Guest Writer For Money Finder Guru?

We’d love for you to share your money saving/earning tips and strategies with our tribe.  We’re big on collaboration and know there are some great ideas out there that we haven’t considered.

Here are some guidelguest-writerines that will help you submit your article.

  • We really love useful information that is written in a relaxed, upbeat manner.
  • Focus on being helpful. How will your piece help the audience find, save and make more money? We like practical advice that our readers can take action on to improve their own lives.
  • If you’ve got personal experiences, make sure to use them!  If you are writing about a topic that isn’t based on your experience, it’s best to include links and stories.
  • Generally 600 to 900 word discussion-based posts work really well.  So shoot for that.
  • If your topic can be linked to another Money Finder Guru post, please include the link. We really like that (wink, wink).
  • No need to include a banner photo, we’ll make sure to add one that works with your article.
  • Include your name, short bio and links to your website or social media pages at the bottom of your article. We’ll post them so that our readers can check you out on your sites.
  • Submit your post to

Can’t wait to see what you send us!

Want to find, save and make more money?

Want to find, save and make more money?