Have you been thinking about going to college or university but don’t think you can afford to? Well if you live in Ontario, you may be in luck! The province is transforming student assistance to make college and university more affordable.  This includes free tuition for qualifying adult learners, so that they can go back to school and upgrade their skills.

The new program launching in September 2017, will result in students from families who earn less than $50,000 annually will now receive more in grants and non-repayable loans than the cost of their tuition. That’s roughly $2,700 per year for college diplomas and $6,200 each year for those pursuing university degrees. The program changes will effectively make tuition cost-free for eligible students.

This new grant will ensure that available financial support is easy to understand, timely, and supports those students with the greatest financial need.  Students with children may be eligible to receive funding for child care costs, and students from higher-income families will also benefit from more generous grants and loans.

Those students applying to college and university for September 2017 will be the first to benefit from the new program. There are deadlines for applying, so make sure you check them out here.

How much can you get?

When you apply, the province will determine how much you’ll receive by comparing your tuition fees and living expenses with the amount you and your family are expected to pay.

Want to know how much you may qualify for?  Then check out the new online calculator here.   You can find out instantly whether they qualify for free tuition or other grants from the province.

You may not have to put your dreams on hold any longer!

Click here for more information about the program and to learn more about how to apply.

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