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Money Finder Guru is your #1 place for unique tips, hacks, and resources on how to find, save and make more money.

Our mission is to help put more money in your pocket so you can do all the things you love. We do this through our shareable tips and money saving resources.

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Money Finder Guru is a family of people just like you who are committed to worrying less about finances and experiencing more that life has to offer.

Although we’re new to the scene, we’re gaining fans, followers, and contributors every day. If you would like to contribute your best tips and resources for finding, saving, or making more money we’d love to hear from you! Send your ideas to editor@moneyfinderguru.com

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We believe that your personal finances shouldn’t be a deterrent for living your best life, but rather a means to living your best life. By sharing inspirational stories from others who have conquered money issues, our hope is that you can too!

Our #1 goal is to improve your life by helping you to worry less about your finances and spend more time doing the things that matter most.

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Want to find, save and make more money?

Want to find, save and make more money?